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Question By   Zainab Siddiqi


You know that I always miss my Salat. I always forget and when my parents tell me to pray but I do not want to? Help!

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   The mama Parsi Girls' Secondary School
Total Views   279
Published   Nov 21st 2013

My dear, 

If you try to abide by to pray in time this habit will stay all life please follow it.

It is not difficult.

By wadoo you can keep yourself clean. 

By praying you fulfill a duty and you can pray to ask Allah Tahla whatever you need he sent us to this world for test.

That who remember that who is his creator and work accordingly as he told in Quran-e-Pak?

Then each of us will go back one day and stand in front of him to tell that what we have done.

That is the day of our result so we should never forget for that day.

Your Uncle
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