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Question By   Samia Tariq


Dear Uncle Shine! My BFF and I have a lot of fights with each other. I am trying to control and the same thing she is doing. Sometimes she does silly things or makes me angry by making bad jokes. I feel so angry. HELP!

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Faisalabad
School/College   First Steps
Total Views   332
Published   Nov 22nd 2013

My dear, 

Sit down together and write terms of friendship and nobody will break these rules.

1) Never say or do anything which hurt other person. 

2) Trust your friend and never break the trust of other person.

3) Defend your friend in her absence.

 4) If she is angry and say something witch you do not like, forgive her.

5) Never fight in front of the class or other people.

 6) Sit together and find out the solution of the problem.

7) Always try to speck truth.

 8) Never blame each other.

Any thin else you can add.

This exercise will help you in latter life as well.

Your Uncle
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