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Question By   Abeera Viqar

How can I develop my interest in STUDYING?

Dear Uncle Shine! My problem is that when my teacher is telling something about the lesson, I look here and there and do not listen to my teacher. For Instance! One day, my teacher was telling the answer of a question and [it was a very hot weather] I was drinking water! SO How can I develop my interest in study?

Problem About   School
City   Rawalpindi
School/College   Army public school westridge 3 rawalpindi
Total Views   312
Published   Nov 22nd 2013

My dear,

It means that you have concentration problem.

Pray 5 times and read Quran-e-Pak it is best to develop your concentration.

You just think that if you are not attentive latter on you will have to suffer.

How do you get good marks?

Drink a glass of milk daily.

Play or do exercise take at least 6 hours sleep.

These things are very important for the study.

Your Uncle
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