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Question By   Kaynaat Arif


Uncle in my school there was competition of speech title: Allama Iqbal uncle give some idea so what can I do I want to achieve first prize. Help me please.

Problem About   School
City   islamabad
Total Views   318
Published   Nov 22nd 2013

My dear, 

I think you can take lot of points from any book in your home or library.

You can tell that he was the great poet, philosopher and true Muslim he loves our prophet saw.

He wrote books.

He gave lectures to different universities and to the students.

He  wrote a letter to M. Ali Jinnah the Quaid-e-Azam to come back and guide us. 

He had a dream of independent country Pakistan for us.

He was great thinker and Sufi as well.

His books are translated to many languages.

He told in his poetry that a true Muslim is Mard-e-Momin and what are his qualities.

We are proud of him.

I hope you can get more information from the book. 

Your Uncle
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