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Question By   Tooba Idris Dar

Fiction books addiction

Dear Uncle Shine! I am addicted to novel reading but my mom says that I should read general knowledge books but I cannot help it I love fiction books and when I try to read informative books the words start to fly and my head hurts. Inshallah you will be able to solve my problem. Yours Tooba

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School/College   beacon house school system
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Published   Nov 23rd 2013

My dear, 

You are right in your age most of the kids love to read fiction but if it affect your normal day by day work and

study then it is not good 

What you do only that decide some time say two hours daily to read fiction not after that.

You should obey your mother as well and read some informative book as well may be one or two pages daily.

I hope you are able to do it Inshallah pray 5 times and pray for yourself.

Your Uncle
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