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Question By   Syed Zaidi


I always get high marks in every subject sometimes Maths sometimes English this time I got 95 marks in Maths but I always get 9th or 10th position. I always try my best. Can you help me how I can get 1st position?

Problem About   School
City   Doha
School/College   Bright Future Pakistani International School
Total Views   287
Published   Nov 24th 2013

My dear, 
It is only possible when you get highest marks in all subjects for this purpose you make a time table and give equal time to every subject.

Give extra time as compare to school home work only.

Whatever you read in school must revise at home daily.

Which you cannot understand, seek help?

Leave all other activities only concentrate on your studies.

Do not forget to pray 5 times and pray to Allah Pak for yourself.

Your Uncle
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