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I hate a person in my family

AOA I hate the person in my family which is my stupid Chachi she is from al Huda international institute and learnt from an Islamic scholar FARHAT HASHMI when she was married to my Chachu she was ok but now she is so rude she does not know anything she is so dumb I hate her I want to get her and her little daughter Amna kicked out from my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are way too rude plus we have a 7 years old maid and she cries about her mother and she looks after my chachi’s son who is 1 year old and my chachi says let her cry what shall I do? Me and my cousin r so angry with her and her daughter my chachi thinks I am rude which I am not we just want to get rid of her??? What shall we do to kick her out of the house with her stupid ill-mannered daughter which is stupid please tell us how to get rid of them????!!!!!! She does not care about her 1 year old son her husband and does not care about anyone! I get so angry please tell me what to do!! I am so annoyed her stupid sister’s daughters cum to our house and make me sick I feel like killing all of her stupid ill-mannered family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problem About   School
City   coventry
School/College   al huda international school
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Published   Nov 24th 2013

My dear, 

So much hate, rage and negative thinking are not good for you.

You are a 10 year old girl, where are your parents?

Are you having a combine family system?

Where are you chachu he knows about everything you mention.

Please this is not your problem give the chance to the elders to solve it.

Some time when you live together you have some complains about each other.

If she does not know some of the rules of your house teach her with softness she will learn it then behave like as

you want.

I hope you will understand.

Your Uncle
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