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Question By   Miley Jacob

Always get hurt

I am 12 years old and I play with my friends outside all the time do cycling or races and I get hurt more often. What can I do to stop getting hurt that much??

Problem About   School
City   islamabad
School/College   aps
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Published   Aug 9th 2010

Dear Miley,
One who takes rest most of the time at home and does not bother to do things outside will be rather safe than the one who gets himself or herself involved in the outdoor activities. He or she who wants to enjoy the world outside will have to pay for that. He or she will definitely learn more than the person who lets himself or herself sleeping lie. If you get hurt you are gaining experiences and every next time you will be able to commit mistakes lesser and lesser. Always take part in activities with open eyes and listening ears. Use your senses when you are responding anyone or anything.

Your Uncle
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