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Question By   Izza Waheed


I'm the student of grade 9.I want to be the most intelligent girl in my class; I want to be on top. There are always 1 or 2 numbers left. I want to top in final examination. I am really worried about my studies.

Problem About   School
City   Sialkot
School/College   The Vision Group of Colleges (VGC)
Total Views   519
Published   Jun 22nd 2010

Dear Izza,
It feels nice to reply you as you are our regular visitor. A person can become active and sharp by reading autobiographies or life-stories of famous people (Seerat e Rasool [SAWW] & Sahabah preferably), talk with friends on different topics, observe everything around very keenly, remember where we put things, sequence of events, what we say to others, what others say to us, good eye-hand coordination, use gestures while speaking, always speaking truth, offering Salah five times and asking help from Allah (SWT).

Your Uncle
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