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Question By   Meshal Merchant

Friend is cross

My friend is cross at me actually when she had fight with his other friends, she spend hours with me and claim that u r my only best friend but after a day she left me and don't gave me such importance so I told her that I am not yours tool and had fight with her, what to do now? She usually acts same... her other friends also do same to her as she is doing to me!

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   fgs
Total Views   357
Published   Apr 10th 2013

My dear

Leave such friend, whom you cannot trust any time. Stop talking,

If she needs you she will come back & explain her behaviour.

PRAY 5 times & read QURAN daily with translation & pray to ALLAH for a good friend.

HE listens to all but more to children.

Your Uncle
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