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Question By   Rabia Ahmed

To join air force

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Uncle Shine I want you to help me to decide what to do. I and my sister (Rafia) we both wants to join air force but, we don`t know the entry tests date, from which class we have to join and the age limits. It`s our dream to join air force but because of these problems we are confused. We don`t know the procedure about how we can go. HELP!!! JAZAK ALLAH

Problem About   Studies
City   karachi
School/College   usman public school
Total Views   307
Published   Apr 10th 2013

My dear

You did not mention that what you want to do?

Lady doctors & nurses join air force. Do you want to be a pilot?

They have a test which is quite difficult to pass.

If you have an Air force office in your city, you can ask them.

Being a Muslim girl you should join a place where only ladies are working.

If we obey our Allah He will guide us to the right path & bless with bounties.

Your Uncle
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