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Question By   Future Scientist.Sadia Malik


I love science especially physics. I want to become a physical scientist. I have opened my brand Spicey Science in which I am selling CDs and books to the students. I am 11 years old. My friends are saying that you are intelligent, clever but to become a scientist you have to work hard. And they are saying that you cannot become a scientist it is impossible so forget it. Help!

Problem About   Studies
City   TABUK
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Published   Apr 10th 2013

My dear

You are intelligent . In such a young age you have done something .

Do not care about those who say you cannot.

I assure you that you can go very high. Continue hard working , read books on the subject .

Do not tell everything to your schoolmates. People become jealous & discourage others.

This is negative thinking.

Your Uncle
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