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Question By   Natasha Abbasi


My name is Natasha. My problem is that i participate in my school competitions a lot But i always lose Even when i work hard and pray but the results come always the same My all friends criticize me laughs at me and other students of school too. No one supports me or say a word of encouragement and My teachers also does that: ( My parents are always there for me But losing again and again and those laughter and criticisms Broken my hopes and now i am hopeless What should i do to prove myself once again What should i do that my friends won’t laugh at me and people don’t criticize me ? Plzzz help me?

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   Green land public school
Total Views   223
Published   Apr 9th 2013

My dear

Do not lose heart.

For some time do not take part in any activity.

But concentrate on your study.

Work hard & bring good grades.

It will change the opinion of you class about you.

Taking part is a   great thing itself. Whether you lose or win it does not matter.

Ignore their comments.

Your Uncle
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