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Question By   Sehar Shahzad

Stand first

I stand first in the class often. But there are some of my class fellows who are jealous of me. They look at me very strangely! I am tired of them and want to get rid of them! If they don't get a position then it’s not my fault why they look at me this way? Please help me...

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   lahore
School/College   divisional public school model town lahore
Total Views   205
Published   Apr 5th 2013

My dear
I think the best thing is to ignore & forgive them concentrate on your study & try to maintain your position.
The people who do like this they cannot work hard but only wish to come first.
If you keep yourself upset with such thoughts you will lose your position.
They really want this.
Do not let them succeed.
After a few years all of you be away & then miss school life.
Pray 5 times &read Quran daily with translation.
Pray for yourself that Allah save you from all jealousy.

Your Uncle
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