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I am very much obsessed with reading. It has gone to such limits that I am actually neglecting my studies. When my result came it wasn’t that bad but my teachers said I have the potential to do much better. I want to live up to my parents' and my teachers' expectations but how if all those amazing books are everywhere to distract me. Thank You.

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   St. Josephs' Convent High Shool
Total Views   205
Published   Apr 5th 2013

My dear
To read books are very good hobby it gives you knowledge & confidence.
But you know that excess is everything is bad.
You just divide your time between the reading & your school home work. Pray 5 times & read Quran daily with translation.
It is the best book on the earth. As you read you will grow higher & higher but with understanding & acting upon it.

Your Uncle
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