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Question By   Eman Hassan


I cannot write a speech on “If you were a president of Pakistan what will you do for Pakistan."

Problem About   School
City   Islamabad Pakistan
School/College   Bahria College Islamabad
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Published   Apr 5th 2013

My dear
I cannot write the speech but give you a few points.
I will make sure that our courts of justice work honestly & independently.
My 2nd top most thing is education for all in their own language.
3rd is to mobilise the sources of income to reach every level not remain to only a few families.
I will lead a very simple life as a sample for my country men to follow me. Decrease my expenses to a lower level. Try to produce work, health, education & energy for all.
I will order to keep clean the bodies, the houses the roads & offices & all country.
Last but not the least; adopt the ways & means to establish respect, love & forgiveness in my public.

Your Uncle
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