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Question By   Eiraj Fatima Rashid

Friend is teasing

I am in convent of Jesus and Mary and by the time you answered me I lose some weight so thank you for your suggestions. I want to ask u another question. My friend and I were participating in a speech competition I was absent because of some reasons and she won the speech competition now she is teasing me that you didn’t come because you were afraid of losing?

Problem About   School
City   sialkot
School/College   convent of jesus and mary
Total Views   251
Published   Feb 19th 2013

My dear

You just tell her that you are my friend if you win or I it is equally good.

Then keep silent & be sure that when next time if you win & she loose, never make fun of her.

Our success is always from ALLAH. Never be proud of that.

ALLAH likes humbleness.

Your Uncle
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