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Question By   Muhammad Usama

I am losing hope

Throughout my academic career, I have been a great student; I was the topper of the school. But in my 9th class, I got an 89% which far less than my parents expected from me. Now, even if I try my best in 10th class, my average result will not be as per the demands of my parents. I am losing hope. How do I convince my parents to co-operate with my result?

Problem About   School
City   Rawalpindi
School/College   Transworld Public scool
Total Views   213
Published   Jan 24th 2013

My dear

Please do not lose heart.

Why you want to lose the battle before fighting?

Work hard. Do not ask any thing to your parents. Just make a time table & work accordingly.

Give proper time to every subject as you are always doing.

PRAY 5 times &read QURAN daily with translation. Pray to ALLAH.

Your Uncle
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