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Question By   Muhammad Owais

School problems

My class-teacher is so rude, when something bad happens every-body blames on me and sir thinks I did that so it has happened many times, so now when something is there to participate in, he ignores me even if he asks questions and I and other is the only two who know the answer he selects him, not me! Then he tells wrong answer and then sir ignores and tells the answer by him-self. What can I do? Complain head? I've told my parents but they say "There is no teacher who is bad". Nowadays I'm sick of it.

Problem About   School
City   Hyderabad
School/College   The City School
Total Views   249
Published   Jan 23rd 2013

My dear

Please send your mother in teacher parent meeting & she should explain the situation. PRAY 5 times & read QURAN  daily with translation. Everything would be ok.

Your Uncle
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