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Question By   Ayesha Fazal Karim

I hate reading

I hate reading, even I score less marks in English. My cupboard is full of books but I don't read them at all. What should I do help me please.

Problem About   School
City   Dubai
School/College   English Language School
Total Views   244
Published   Jan 24th 2013

My dear

Read is the first word which came from the heaven to RASOOL-E-PAK (S.A.W.W)

You can think of its importance. This is the only way that you get & increase your knowledge.

Without knowledge whatever we do, animals also do. When you think INSHALLAH you agree to read books. Once you start from story books then you will continue. You can get good grades as well. Books are a treasure save it, share with your friends & relatives.

Your Uncle
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