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Question By   Muhammad Owais

No need of extra tuition

I go to tuition every day, I used to get A+ in every Finals when I was not admitted in tuition but my mom says go every day, but I think that my tuition is of no work , I can do self-study because there is of no work I want to learn for anyone and I don't need help, I know everything I have learned, so the question stands that what do I do in tuition, nothing just homework by myself and I learn topics and give a written test just, that's all, but still my mom says still I study 2 hours in tuition! but its lie because tauter is head so she comes 30 mins late and gives us off time 15 mins late so I think the tuition she is paying for is useless, What do you think? Sir,

Problem About   School
City   Hyderabad
School/College   The City School
Total Views   233
Published   Jan 23rd 2013

My dear

You are an extra intelligent student.

If the matter is as you wrote you really do not need tuition. Tell your father. He can convince your mom so that you can study yourself.

Your Uncle
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