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Question By   Aleena Irfan

Maintaining position

I am the topper of my class and I got 1st position in my class. I am a very active participant of my class, my class work is the best one and I am having the best spoken English skills, but I am getting very careless in the class. I do not listen to my teachers lectures carefully. And my math skills are also getting worse day by day. I have lots of spelling and grammar mistakes in English. I cannot maintain my position in the class. Help me please.

Problem About   School
City   gujrat
School/College   Beaconhouse School System
Total Views   219
Published   Jan 22nd 2013

My dear

You try to make yourself understand that somebody will take your position. You have so many good qualities but nothing can be happened just saying. You prove it. PRAY 5 times &read QURAN daily with translation. INSHALLAH you will work hard. 

Your Uncle
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