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Teaching English

I am an English teacher my problem is that some of my students don't speak English I think they are fed up with my style but some of them like me and they consider that I am the best teacher so what should I do to make them understand who think I am not able to teach, tell me is it my fault? I want to tell them if you take interest you will find me better.

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Published   Jan 22nd 2013

My dear

Welcome to my mail box. I think you are a good teacher. You just change your style of teaching little bit. Give some extra time. Be frank with them. Ask their personal problem to share & solve them. You give them new projects by searching on net. Make them write on different ideas. I saw a teacher who made the students to make attractive sentences for marketing different products like toothpaste etc.

You are young & can better understand them. Meanwhile you will come to know why they are not taking interest. Are they careless, or it’s a family background problem or bad company. So you can save their future.

Your Uncle
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