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Question By   Romaisa Khan


I hate Arabic. I couldn’t know why I can’t understand it in fact I like all difficult subjects but why this doesn’t. Plz tell me any way to improve my Arabic because it’s important for our life too. Plz tell me any way.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
Total Views   314
Published   Jan 22nd 2013

My dear

First thing never say that you hate something. Always say you dislike.

 It is the language of QURAN & our RASOOL E PAK (Peace be upon him). How can we hate it?

Its alphabet is similar with Urdu. So it is easy to learn.

Grammar is a bit difficult but you concentrate & give some time in holidays.

PRAY 5 times & read QURAN. Inshallah you will learn easily. Pray to ALLAH for yourself. He is helping everybody.

Your Uncle
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