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Question By   Amara Anwar


I’m very thin and tall told me how to become healthy?

Problem About   School
City   jeddah
School/College   pisj
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Published   Jun 9th 2010

Dear Amara,
These are some Instructions that will help you make healthy!
1. Immunize. When you use immunizations you ensure your health and that of your loved ones. Immunizations prevent illness and epidemics from arising in your community.
2. Keep moving. Any way you put it, fitness is essential to good health. Even a moderate amount of exercise can affect the way you look and feel.
Exercise also increases your metabolism which can help you loose weight.
3. Eat right. Eat a well balanced diet. This will help you keep your energy levels up and free of illness.
4. Stress Control. Stress is accumulated by everyday events in life such as a new job, traffic jams, illness, etc. It is inevitable in life but you have to learn how to cope with it. There is ways to control your stress levels.
5. Keep up your self-esteem. The way you see and feel about yourself can make you or break you. So always think positively about yourself and you will achieve whatever you put your mind to.
6. Finally, Promote peace. If world peace would be achieved and violence decreased many countries will have a healthier population with less health concerns. It all begins with the promotion of peace in homes all around the world.

Your Uncle
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