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Question By   Najeeullah Rohail


My eyesight is too low it is -2. What can I do to improve my eyesight? Please Help

Problem About   School
City   Hyderbad
School/College   The City School Jinnah Campus, Qasimabad Hyderabad
Total Views   253
Published   Jan 1st 2013

My dear

What the eye doctor said? Treat your eyes with colour circles

Make two round circles with the help of some glass.

Colure them with blur & red.

Paste that paper 6 feet away from you & the level of your eyes.

Daily look at them turn by turn when you look with one eye to the red ignore the blue & the other eye. Twice a day morning evening for 10 minutes.

 It is called colour treatment. It is for 3 months. Then do tell me.

Carrot season is here so drink carrot juice every morning. 

Your Uncle
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