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Question By   Hussain Bin Hazoor


I have many work from school I have also other tuitions but I give my all time to homework but I still don’t complete my homework?

Problem About   School
City   Kot Addu
School/College   The City School (KAPCO Chapter)
Total Views   251
Published   Nov 6th 2012

My dear
Either homework is too much or you are slow worker.
You can tell what the reason is.
If home work is too much how other student cope with it?
Ask some of your friend.
When you start always read Bismillah for every subject. Never forget it has got 3 names of Allah.
If tuitions are not helping you, leave them.

Pray 5 times & read Quran with translation daily.

Inshallah things will be all right.

Your Uncle
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