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Question By   Muhammad Owais

Reading aloud in class

Whenever we start a chapter, we read it loudly in class so in my point I am the best reader and teacher even admits it but teacher always selects the other children to read especially a student Shafea who reads a bit slow so how do I take teacher's attention towards me and read in class? I love to read in class in front of all so please help.:)

Problem About   Studies
City   Hyderabad
School/College   The City School
Total Views   276
Published   Nov 6th 2012

My dear
There may be two reasons to ask for reading to others.
One is that every student should get his right to read.
The other reason that if a person reads slow the class will understand better.
So next time when you read keep you pace slow always read Bismillah when you enter in the class.

Your Uncle
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