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Question By   Mohammad Bilal Akhtar

Bad friends and I

Uncle Shine the fact is I read your answer but I can’t tell my father or principle that my friends and teachers if I do they will be mad and fight for it and thus I will be removed also my beloved father is worried for his family and home welfare if I tell him he will be mad and it occurs daily that every day students trouble me as well as teachers if I tell principle he will get a headache due to the fact he himself doesn’t want too much complains if I give him my complain then my whole day at school will be waste so should I ignore and tolerate or what other opinions you have cuz my friends listen bad music drink harmful carbonated drinks and watch films of other countries and do these stuffs daily which I alhamdolillah don’t do so kindly give me an easy answer which will bring outcomes good. plz give me an answer.

Problem About   School
City   Riyadh
School/College   Pakistan International School Riyadh,Nasirya
Total Views   260
Published   Nov 1st 2012

My dear
The only option left is to leave this school. Now you say that without any reason how I can insist to leave.
I think father is always very much considerate.
You pray 5 times & pray to Allah for the solution.
He is near us & always listens to us.

Your Uncle
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