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Question By   Maryam Tariq


Sometimes I start crying of thinking a serious problem. Imagine, you are talking with the most attached person and you know that you might never talk to that person ever again! How it feels, I know better and whenever it comes in my mind, I just go to sleep or start crying as it affects my studies and I got average marks in monthly test. I am really sad and so much worried. Please help me and post it as soon as possible.

Problem About   School
City   karachi
School/College   crescent bahria cadet college
Total Views   241
Published   Oct 31st 2012

My dear

It is all your thoughts which overcome on you. The thing is that you are more sensitive than a normal person. PRAY 5 times regularly & read QURAN with translation daily.

As you get near to your Creator, the things will change.

Your Uncle
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