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Question By   Mahrukh Zehra

Young sister

Dear Uncle SHINE, Please help me. I desperatly need your advise and want you to solve my matter. My third young sister who is in ninth grade, teases me a lot, although she likes and listen to my other young sisters. She always blams me for everything she found wrong in her things. She wants and act to be superior to me. She never listen to me, she even dont do a single small work for me. She feel insulted when I tell her to put her OWN shoes in the shoe rack. I think she will feel very happy when I get married and will leave the house. Every morning I do her work a lot like preparing breakfast, pressing cloths etc. BUT she neglects all these things which I do for her. My father also likes her a lot and give her preference as he tell me that she looks like her mother. She always disrespect me shout at me as she knows that father as always will take her side wether she is wright or wrong. I HATE THIS SITUATION as he scolds me and dont even bother to listen the problem. My father always say that as you are the eldest then why didnt you handle the situation? Due to this father's saying my sister felt very free to do anything. She dont even hesitate to dirty the room, make me anger. etc. The thing I noticed about her is that she always wants the best thing for herself in the house. She dont even think of me. Sometimes I felt very sad for me as my mother says if your young brothers and sisters unclean the rooms dont blam them for this as they are young. Clean it yourself! I hate house hold chores.

Problem About   Family
City   Dammam
School/College   HIMCS
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Published   Jun 4th 2010

Dear niece,
You are very intelligent and sober girl. Your behaviour to your sister shows that you are sincere to her and all of your family as well. Your well-wishing and honesty reminds me the beautiful seerat of our Holy Prophet (p b u h). You know Mahrukh, when someone teases or frets you, he or she is transferring his or her good deeds in your register of “Aamaal” and if he or she runs out of those, your bad deeds if any would be transferred to his or her register of “Aamaal”. One more thing! Never reply other in negative. Always hope well and think "Falah" for the people around you. Try to ignore trivial things from other side that you don't like. Don't feel yourself to be just elder; instead try to be friend of others around you. If one is not serving you, you serve for him or her. Situation will change as time passes. Don't feel if you are not liked by your father or mother or your siblings. Always remember your Allah loves you 70 times more than your parents. Turn towards your Allah who loves you so much. Try to make Him happy and your friend. Only He can change the hearts of the people. Take help of “Dua”. You will see it works Insha Allah.

Your Uncle
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