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Question By   Fatima Zehra

How should I

How should I get healthy, sharp and active?

Problem About   Health
City   karachi
School/College   beacon house school system
Total Views   570
Published   Jun 2nd 2010

Dear Fatima,
If you want to be healthy, sharp and active, you will achieve this target because you are determined and courageously asking for that. People who endeavour for what want to achieve, success itself attracts towards them. You should:
Be happy and make people happy around you
Think better for yourself and for the people, who you love
Read stories, magazines particularly History
Try to listen others problems and think about their solutions
Play games in which your friends take interest not only those in which you take interest
Try to look after the people who need you
Take very good care of your mother and share her household chores
Learn some skills; they may be latest ones or the traditional ones and get expertise in that.

Your Uncle
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