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Question By   Aleena Hassan


I’m worried because some of my friends are not speaking with me and they always say that we hate you what can I do? my second problem is that I do not eat vegetable I hate them what can I do my last question is that when my mom say me to pray prayer so I go to another room and do not pray prayer and then I come out of room after 10 mins and say I have prayed now what can I do please help me?

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City   kot addu
School/College   The City School kapco chapter
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Published   Oct 31st 2012

My dear
When we hate something, we will get hate in return. When we love we get love.
You are lying with mother, but Allah is seeing you where are you are & what are you doing.
Whatever Allah made for us it is good b/c he is very kind to human beings.
So when you change your self eat veggie & obedient to your   mother.
Not only friends but everybody loves you.

Your Uncle
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