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Question By   Menahil Bokhari

Want high marks

My class always has the highest ranking in our section. It is very tough. We always have a competition on who will come first. I also high marks but my marks are not that high that I can come first. Can you help me score good marks and come first?

Problem About   Studies
City   karachi
School/College   Abcd
Total Views   941
Published   May 29th 2010

Dear Menahil,
This is the symbol of deterioration of education in our society that we are busy in snatching ranks and positions in the name of education. There is great negative competition in the schools. Students are worrying about their ranks and positions instead of learning the particular concept or skill that is focused in the subject. You had better compete with yourself. If you have lesser marks in mathematics, try to secure this time more than previous. This is healthy competition. Never try to beat anyone. Beat your previous result instead.

Your Uncle
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