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Height and weight

I have no activity at my home except some of the household work. I am gaining weight a lot of. My height is 5.6 and my weight is 64kg. plz tell me how can I lose my weight. plz tell me about diet and some diet food. I’m very thankful to you.

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City   doha
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Published   Oct 16th 2012

My dear
It is little bit more than your ideal weight. Try to select the food.
You can increase your physical activity as well. If possible join games, daily walk for one hour.
If you have stairs in house, you can go up & down 10 to 20 times daily.
Leave your food little before than normal. Drink more water before lunch & dinner, in this way you can eat less.
I hope you pray 5 times daily. Namaz is also good exercise.

Your Uncle
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