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Question By   Maryam Tariq

Good marks

I am a good student but there is a boy who always beats me by one point or one percent, sometimes it hurts me i want to beat him i try to work hard but he always gets first position. In class i am good and i act better than him but his memory is very good he always gets 1st position in class and this makes me feel professional jealousy, what should I do? Even he finds that easy to solve the hardest questions which sometimes no one in our class can solve but he is not good in class activities and never response to teacher!

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Crescent bahria cadet college
Total Views   382
Published   Oct 16th 2012

My dear
You try to work hard in those fields in which he is weak as in class activities.
Keep on trying. Hard work will pay you back.

Your Uncle
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