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Question By   Aisha Abdul Quddus

Field choosing

Field choosing I am finding difficulty in choosing which field to go. I have chosen Engineering in my O\'levels because I don\'t like medical sciences much....I want to become an engineer. But I have interest in art that means I want to become a textile designer also......I also like to write stories and poem and want to become an author.....I love decorating houses and changing their setting and add new furniture and want to become interior designer....Plz tell me what should I do to come out of this fix....I am 14, intelligent and score good positions......So which field should I choose which can fulfil my dreams as well as serve Pakistan...

Problem About   School
City   Doha
School/College   Bright Future Pakistani International School
Total Views   211
Published   Oct 12th 2012

My dear
You have to stream line your wishes. I think textile designer or textile engineer are good options. You will serve your country. You can write as well. B/c you will get plenty of time. But come to know what you can do better. Decide once & never repent.

Your Uncle
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