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Question By   Minahil Furqan


Backache My Daddy has a lot of backache how can it be better? I am very fat my age is 10 years and my weight is 80 kg what can I do? 1 think to tell u I even go to gym but my mother says its BABY FAT any suggestions?

Problem About   School
City   Multan
School/College   Bloomfield hall School Multan
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Published   Oct 11th 2012

My dear
It is better to go the doctor for back ache. I cannot suggest anything except to wear a belt called lumbosacral support & take calcium tab.
 You did not write that how much & what you eat?
 Cut down your food to half. Leave all junk food.
 Take plenty of water.
Leave all sweet can eat only fruits & veggies.
 Play & join a team to play regularly.
 Inshallah you will become smart.

Your Uncle
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