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Question By   Syeda Tehreem-un- Nissa Ahmed

Studying is boring

Uncle I'm much tensed about my studies. I know that studies for 9 class are not so easy and I'm among the brilliant students of my school and I know that I can do it, but whenever I open my copy to learn my work or to study, it makes me bore or makes me feel that I can't do it. I lose my confidence and sometimes I often feel that I should quit studying further. Please help me.

Problem About   Studies
City   Karachi
School/College   The Beginners
Total Views   240
Published   Oct 12th 2012

My Dear
I think this is a time being reaction. You start from praying 5 times & read QURAN daily with translation. To understand what we should do in this life then pray for yourself inshallah you will be all right. Start thinking real. Studies can’t be left.  You have to study at any cost.

Your Uncle
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