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Question By   Ushna Sami


I want to play something when I am free but I don’t know what to play I don’t like cricket, hide and seek etc please tell me any interesting game.

Problem About   School
City   lahore
School/College   grand charter school
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Published   May 28th 2010

Dear Ushna
Playing a game needs any partner to play with. It may be human or non human say computer. You don’t like playing cricket or hide & seek. These are games that are played among people. Playing a game requires friends’ likes. Sometimes we play with the friends’ wish. However when we don’t want to play a game, it means we don’t like friends’ wish and we are tending to have solo play. There are so many computer games that don’t need any human friends and we can play as long as we wish with computes. Anyway I advise you to play sometimes what your friends wish to play so that you keep yourself to be social otherwise you will be isolated and that is harmful to us.

Your Uncle
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