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Question By   Shaik Abuzer

Benefits to be younger

I'm the eldest among my brothers and sisters in my family, and hence my brother is the youngest, everyone in our family listens to him, gives him freedom to do anything. (Like playing games whenever he likes, eating good dishes without taking care about others or watching computer or TV programs). I do not like it when he is having so many benefits and not us. What should I do to overcome this trouble???

Problem About   School
City   Jeddah
School/College   IISJ
Total Views   248
Published   Sep 7th 2012

My dear

Why he is benefited that he is young.

Remember when you were young, the only son, how much love & attention were given to you???

 On your turn everybody get it.

Jealously is very bad thing. Try to avoid it.

Your Uncle
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