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Question By   Abdur Rahman


I’m a twelve years old. My problem is that I have a friend. He spends his more time with me. Whenever he has any problem. He gets me to solve it but if ever I need him. He gives me cold should and behaves as if unknown. I’m worried about his selfishness and often think that should I keep him as friend anymore? Plz guide me.

Problem About   Friend Ship
City   Jeddah
Total Views   4761
Published   Nov 10th 2009
Your problem is very serious. In fact it is not good at all to leave someone in the church. There is also a quotation about friendship, “ A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Our elders say that  a person is recognized by his friends. It is really good that you are always ready to help your friend but you must keep in your mind that never hope for any return in response of your help, because Allah is the only one who gives the reward, nobody else  can do so. If your friend is not aware of the real meaning of friendship so you should guide him and teach him the real principles of friendship. I do hope that he will review his behavior. If he does, it is nice but if he still remains on his previous behavior then reduce your friendship with him. Do help him but never expect his help and also start looking for new friend.  
Inshallah! You must find some.
Your Uncle
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