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Question By   Aleena Majeed


I am a student of class 10 and soon will be in college. I have a very serious problem that I am not confident. Whenever there is my turn in assembly and I have to speak in front of my class fellows I get really nervous...I always takes position in class but I have not a little bit interest in other extra-curricular activities...because I get really nervous on stage....HELP ME!!!

Problem About   School
City   Lahore
School/College   Kinnaird College for Women
Total Views   297
Published   Sep 7th 2012

My dear

Confidence is very important for success in life.

 Try to speak with your sibling &parents on every topic after dinner.

Try to share your ideas with your friends. Then write a small speech deliver it front of mirror daily.

First you read from the paper but latter on by heart.

Pray and read Quran. 

Your Uncle
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