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My parents have changed my school & the first day I sat with a girl & she told me that she will & is my best friend. But, from previous few days she is not even talking with me! & I'm very dishearten, when I ask something she says: shut up! & I'm very upset.

Problem About   School
City   Sialkot
School/College   The Vision Group of Colleges (VGC)
Total Views   622
Published   May 28th 2010

Dear Izza,
Sometimes we over expect with the people we don't know. There is great diversity in the behaviour of people. Remember never understand people according to what you think about them instead understand according to what they assume about you. If a person is avoiding you don't take it to your heart. Be normal. If you become upset or irritated and show reaction it means the other person succeeds in his or her ill will. Just show that you don't care if they care not. Time will come the other person will realize his or her mistake and begin to think and do just as you want.

Your Uncle
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