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Question By   Fire_Cracker_ Amira

Leaving school

I am leaving the school after 8 years! When I go to old class I hear a lot of echoes of us screaming, laughing, chatting, and doing our work together, teachers teaching and us answering! Actually I am not leaving the school I am leaving the UAE where I have spent my entire life! And now I am moving to America. I can't even go to Pakistan because my dad says there is no time. Once I am in America I can't move from there to anywhere till 6 years! I am depressed a lot! I can't stop crying! What should I do?

Problem About   School
City   Abu Dhabi
Total Views   223
Published   Aug 15th 2012

My dear

Yes you are right. I can imagine your depression & agony.

 But you see all family is moving with you.

 You are not alone.

 Your parents know better to decide where to go & when.

 You can keep these nice memories with you.

 Take your books with you.

 Read V SHINE there.

Try to learn Urdu & be close to your culture. INSHALLAH you will get new friends there,

 U.S. is very beautiful place. I hope you will be happy over there

I hope that when you will be there you share your comments with me. 

Your Uncle
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