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Question By   Maryam Tariq

Worst habit

I am so frank with all of my friends that sometimes I hit them and they all are so small hearted they used to cry and then i feel very bad even when i am overcome with frankness i get free with a teacher too sometimes she ignores (as i am a position holder) and sometimes she insults me what can i do i want to get rid of this worst habit?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Crescent bahria cadet college
Total Views   267
Published   Aug 13th 2012

My dear

When you yourself know that it is very bad habit, it is easy to leave it.

 If you hold a position it is your concern.

 Everybody has self respect.

 We should take care of it .

 So when you are getting frank always say bismilla & aauoozbilla .

 Pray 5 times &read Quran e pak with translation daily.

 So that you should learn we

 Have to reply our every action.

Your Uncle
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