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Question By   Kinza Faysal


I would like to share my biggest problem. MY biggest problem is my weight. Uncle my weight is 70 and my age is 14. Please tell me what I should do to lose my weight. Day by day I'm gaining my weight. And my friends and cousins make fun of me.

Problem About   School
City   Jeddah
Total Views   431
Published   Jul 3rd 2012

My dear

First you consider that you are all right, I mean healthy.

Get a check up from the doctor.

Leave junk food.

Take vegetables & fruits.

Play, skip, & daily brisk walk for an hour.

Take part in home work.

Like washing, ironing, cleanliness, in the kitchen as well.

Do not use any product to lose weight.

Leave all sweets &fried food as well.

Then let me know after one month.

Your Uncle
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