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Question By   Naaemah Saleem

Going outside

My mother does not let me go out and play with the other girls while the other girls go out in the park and can go anywhere they want all alone. Whenever I ask my mom why you do not let me play out with my friends OR let me go to my cousins house and then she says that now i am a grown up girl so you must at home and i do not like staying at home i am so bored my house so i want your advice, uncle shine what should i do? Should i stay at home?

Problem About   School
City   Islamabad
School/College   Fazaia Inter College Islamabad
Total Views   265
Published   Jul 2nd 2012

My dear

First thing is to obey your mother.

She is right. That now you are grown up you should not go out alone. You can create work to keep yourself busy at home.

To go out & play is not the only the job of the girl.

This is the time that you learn what is going to do in your later life.

Go to the kitchen learn cooking, stitching, washing, cleaning , how to decorate your room .

 If you teach a man you teach one person but if you teach a woman you teach a family.

Your Uncle
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