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Question By   Noor G. Jadoon

Respect for parents

How do I ever listen to my parents? My parents shout to me everyday and that’s a big sin. Please give some advice so my parents can be happy with me and I can listen to them.

Problem About   School
City   jeddah
Total Views   620
Published   May 22nd 2010

Dear Noor,
Parents are blessing of Allah (SWT). If we are not listening to them we are destroying our Akhirah ultimately. I gather there is some problem you are facing with your parents. It may be they are treating you like a child not a grown up. It may be you are mostly busy in your computer game or cell phone or reading your favourite book or magazine. If these trivial things are misguiding you, realize the importance of parents. You will have to decide whether these worldly things are significant to you or your parents. Giving a smile to the parents is a great gift from you to them. Remember that time when you were unable to do anything. You were of age one or two months. You cry and cry to draw your parents' attention towards you. If they would not attend you and keep doing whatever. No, they run towards you in no time and take in their lap to soothe you. It is their great EHSAAN for us.

Your Uncle
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