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Question By   Aiman Akhtar

Summer vacations

Finally, the summer vacations which almost every child in this universe awaits have come but the biggest question is what we shall do in them. Though, it’s such a pleasure to hear that the schools are finally off but on the other hand it gets quite monotonous to sit in the house whole day, watching TV and eating junk food. Can you please tell me something which I can do in these vacations in order to get rid of the boredom?

Problem About   School
City   Karachi
School/College   Hogwarts
Total Views   222
Published   Jul 2nd 2012

My dear

You make a time table for the holidays & then try to achieve it. First of all try to make you regular in your prayers & read Quran with translation daily.

Then give some time to your study.

Then work in the kitchen with your mom & learn new dishes.

 Try to clean your cupboard, room, books & everything needs cleanliness.

This the time that you learn how to keep your things & look after them.

 Learn some gardening.

Try to learn stitching as well. Everything about household you learn now will be useful for all life.

Your Uncle
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